The Real Origin Of Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the browser history. Google introduced Google Chrome in september 2008.At that time its a 2D logo which is normal and i looked at it in a normal way. When in March 2011 it changed its logo in 3D which grabbed my attention. The colors used in logo of Google Chrome and the logo of Microsoft is same. 

But, Is the LOGO of Google Chrome taken from Microsoft? What is the truth origin behind Google Chrome LOGO.

I had the same question and was thinking about it. After a while, i went to for searching something and noticed at  Google  Home Page LOGO. There are the lot of people that says that Google Chrome LOGO has taken from Pokemon but, It’s wrong.

Actually the LOGO of Google Chrome is taken from Google home page LOGO.I have did same color matching in the picture below which will clearly tell you that Google Chrome LOGO is taken from Google not from Microsoft or Pokemon.


  1. Is you look at the logo of the Power Rangers you see that Google Chroom took there insperation also from there

  2. Did you know, Google Drive's logo is actually from VPlayer, a music player for Android?



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