Grand Theft Auto Vice City (GTA) all Cheat Codes

GTA Cheat Codes

This Cheat Codes are mostly compatible with GTA 4. Some codes are also working for another versions also .

All ''Light'' Weapons 

All ''Medium'' Weapons 

All ''Heavy'' Weapons 

Full Health 

Full Armor 

Commit Suicide 

Raise Wanted Level 

Decrease Wanted Level 

Make Women Follow You 

Smoke Cigarettes 

Makes Tommy Fatter 

Gives Tommy Girly Arms and Legs 

Change Skin/Clothes 

Play as Ricardo Diaz 

Play as Lance Vance 

Play as Ken Rosenberg 

Play as Hilary King 

Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent) 

Play as Love Fist Character (Dick) 

Play as Phil Cassidy 

Play as Sonny Forelli 

Play as Mercedes 

Spawn a Rhino 

Spawn a Bloodring Banger 

Spawn a Bloodring Banger #2 

Spawn a Sabre Turbo 

Spawn a Hotring Racer 

Spawn a Hotring Racer #2 

Spawn a Romero's Hearse 

Spawn Love Fist's Limo 

Spawn a Trashmaster 

Spawn a Caddie 

Blow Up Nearby Cars 

Aggressive Drivers 

All Cars Pink 

All cars Black 

Cars Can Fly 

Perfect Handling 

All traffic Lights Are Green 

Cars Can Drive and Hover Over Water 

Only the Car’s Wheels Are Visible 

Big Wheels On Sportscars 

Pedestrians Get In Your Car 

Sunny/Clear Weather 

Light Clouds 

Dense Clouds 

Foggy Weather 

Stormy Weather 

Speed Up Game Clock 

Speed Things Up 

Slow Things Down 

Pedestrians Riot 

Pedestrians Hate You 

Pedestrians Carry Guns 

Girls Carry Guns 

Shows Media Level (when 2+ stars) 


Intel in the Smartphone market

Intel finally entered the market of mobile phones [Smartphone] as it has opportunity in this business.  Intel is going to release its first Android Smartphone i.e., The Lenovo Racer-A soon. Although they are taking pre-orders in China the rest world to wait.
Although Intel introduced its first mobile Lava Xolo last month, its going to target people now with this Lenovo Racer-A.
Its features are a 4.5” display with 720p clarity using Android 2.3 Gingerbread and 8MP camera with dual LED flash and the most prestigious intel processor which is 1.6GHz
Hope this comes soon in the market.

iPhone that teaches you Guitar

Have you ever thought of learning the guitar in most easy way? Here is the most easy way to learn guitar if you have an iPhone.
Kickstarer launched and iPhone powered guitar to make guitar learning the digital way.
You got to do nothing except docking the phone in guitar loading gTar app in your iPhone and the LED’s on the fret board will guide you to play.
It is not that you can completely learn playing guitar by using this but it helps very much in basic learning. There are three levels of learning from easy way to hard. And there is also an option called Smart play which mutes the wrong notes played.  Thus this iPhone powered guitar will be used as a digital learning tool for guitar players from beginners to professionals.

Sony Xperia Acro S: A new Smartphone

There are lots of technologies in the world now. Does any technology can provide safety of the cell phone when fell in water? Yes it is. Sony provides this kind of facility with its new technology in Sony Xperia Acro S Smartphone.
Its features are as usual extraordinary with 12 MP Camera and 4.3 inches High Definition Reality Display.  This comes with Android 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich O.S with 1.5GHz dual processor.  It is even certified by Play Station. You can record with 1080p H.D video and there is front cam with 720p HD clarity. Who needs a better phone than this?  
Sony provides Water resistance phone such that it cannot be spoiled in water. Imagine how it will be watching a high clarity movie in a mobile while swimming in the pool. I think it is really good idea if you have this phone. Apart from Water resistance, Sony also provides scratch proof resistance and dust resistance too.
It can be available in three colors White, Black and Pink. This Smartphone is really a smart phone.

Facebook Social Network Movie : 8 Best Quotes From Facebook Movie

 The Social Network" movie based on the creation of Facebook     released on 1 October 2010.

 Starring :-Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake
 Directed By :-David Fincher
 Written By :-Screenplay by : - Aaron Sorkin, Based upon the   book : "The Accidental Billionaires" by Ben Mezrich
 Screenplay By :-Aaron Sorkin
 Produced By :-Scott Rudin, Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca,  Cean Chaffin.

 We Grabbed the some , best and awesome Quote Images From  that Social Network Movie on Facebook .


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The Best and essential YouTube Extensions For Google Chrome

Here are the  some essential and useful youtube extensions for Google Chrome that will add new and missing features to the YouTube website thus improving your overall YouTube experience.So Install this extensions in your Google Chrome and Improve your YouTube Experience on Google Chrome Browser.

YouTube Extensions For Google Chrome :-

Looper For YouTube.:- This Extension will present Near the YouTube Video Player .If You Once Clicked this Button ,the Present Video will play in an Infinite Loop until you can click the Stop Button.If you pressed this  button the video will repeat itself forever.

YouTube Feed :-YouTube Feed Help you in the Notifications purpose . When you are subscribed to any channel you want then when the new videos are uploaded in that channel this YouTube Feed will be notified when ever new videos are uploaded that you are subscribed to channels .

Magic Actions for YouTube™:-Magic Actions for YouTube™ is a lightweight and useful add-in designed for a more comfortable watching experience. 

Turn off the Lights:-It Support the Multiple Websites YouTube , HTML5 Video , It Support to Multiple Image sites , Easter Eggs.You can also use the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + L to toggle between regular view and dimmed background view.

YouTube Thumbs :-This YouTube extension  generates the  three Thumbnail images for all videos and this is a small Greasemonkey script 

YouTube PIP :-This is Picture in Picture For YouTube .With YouTube PIP, the video detaches itself from the Chrome browser, docks to the corner of your desktop or of the screen  and always stays on top without requiring any additional programs. Thus you can work on other things while the video plays in the foreground, and it works without any plugin and it will gives the Google Chrome Notification.

Toggle Comments :-The Comments on the YouTube Videos are annoying .The Toggle Comments add-on will automatically hides the comments from all YouTube video pages .

YouTube Downloader :-This Downloads the any YouTube Video you want as MP4 video or as an MP3 audio file, this will be done in one click.

And other YouTube extensions are there which helps to experience the new way of YouTube Video Watching .

Latest Nokia phone: Nokia 888 concept phone

Nokia tries to be the best mobile phones company in the world. It always comes with the new inventions and unique designs to attract people towards it.
Few years back Nokia announced that it is going to launch a latest Nokia phone, people had never seen.
Even though it didn’t come to reality, the features and design are still attractive and impressive.
Tamer Nakisc an award winning mobile designer introduced a new mobile phone named Nokia 888 concept phone.
The best feature of this latest Nokia phone is it can be changed in to different forms. It can be used as wrist band, can fit on your neck, you can fold it in your pocket. You can turn it in to heart shape, girls can use it is a bangle and many more.
Though Nokia didn’t reveal about the charging of the mobile, but it said that this mobile phone uses “Liquid Battery”.
This Nokia mobile phone uses voice recognition and is touch sensitive.
Nokia introduced e-motions through this mobile by sending heart shape form emotions or dancing figures to your friends. It can be called as electronic pet because it recognizes what you want it to do according to our body gestures.
                I wish Nokia to release this phone so that it creates a new trend in technology.

Create Your Own Social Networking Site with SocialGo

Do you want to create your own social networking site like facebook or orkut , It is easy to create and build your own social networking site with the online application SocialGO without any Coding and HTML Knowledge .This is the Trial Plan to make your website .You have got 14 days to try out SocialGo.This is the Good Application for make your own Social Networking site otherwise if you will build it make your web site with web master team they will charge very sum of money may be up to 1k$.
Note :- It is 14 days Trial only and this is for only know the Knowledge about site creating .

Follow the Instructions Below :-

1) Go to SocialGO Signup Page and Fill the Form with your details .

After Filling the details click on Create your site .

2) After that give your site name and click on next button.

3) After connect your Facebook account or twitter account with the social go site.

4) After that you can Design your site By means of Cover , Color , Headings and Background etc . After the Customization Publish it i.e click on save&continue option.

5) After the Customization see my site background and theme, see the image below .

6) Site has created successfully Your members can signup with your site  and Invite Friends to your site ,there is many features in this site.

Thats it .

Another Gadget From Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung is going to release a gadget soon. Apart form Samsung mobiles; Samsung is already in good business of Samsung Tablet. Samsung introduced a  gadget some years back which is the combination of a Tablet PC and a mobile. That is the Samsung Galaxy Note. As no one stands still without updating, Samsung updated this Galaxy Note several times and now it is the turn of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.  This Galaxy note is releasing now with an S-Pen slot which doesn’t displayed at the first exhibition of the piece. After that, in a recent event in Europe, The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is shown at the event with an S-Pen slot which is made with a Quad core processor. The rest of the features are same with the other Galaxy notes but it is something special than before. Samsung is going to release this piece with the pen tool kit. Some sources are saying that it’s going to be released in this June. This Samsung Galaxy Note price may be around Rs.35,000/-. It will be of more fun to the gadget guru’s who are interested to have a new gadget in their collection.

Apple iphone latest app "Facebook Camera" launched

Popular social Networking site Facebook [site] has launched "Facebook Camera",which is a new photo sharing app for its users from apple iphone Os devices.This app is useful to upload and share photos to facebook easily.

This app syns all our  photos and can be shared with our friends.This is a Stand-alone application on the iphone apps platform.

This facebook app shows the feed of your friends photos and  will be allowed to swipe it to view more number of albums of your firends.

Features of app:

  • Photos can be swiped to view next photo
  • Tap the photo to enlarge it.
  • Crop the photos to your requirements
  • Filter options available.So that you can apply filters to your photo.
  • You can upload multiple photos
  • Add captions
  • Mark  locations
  • Tag friends.

It is said that this is application is faster comparing to the basic facebook app.

This app has 900 million users. However this app seems to be an improvement of basic version.

Download Links:

Click here to  go to Download Page

Iphone Facebook app youtube video: 

Search Fast and Smarter with Yahoo Axis Browser

Yahoo Introducing the Yahoo Axis Browser Extension which is Claimed to Search the Web With Fast And Smarter way and with Awesome Thumbnail Support.Yahoo!Axis offers a faster,smarter search with instant answers and visual search previews.Yahoo Axis Browser Shows Thumbnail View of Your Search that can Access the Web in Easy Method ,Fast and in a Smart Way.

Once you Installed this Plugin you can Browse Web with a Fast way that the Toolbar is present in the Below of your Web Browser Chrome . And You Can easily browse all the images and drag them to the desktop for future use. You Can Install this Plugin From

I Just Installed this Plugin in My Chrome Browser and I got the Toolbar Below on My Website .See The Image Below . By this Toolbar I can easily access the another Search directly from my Website .See The Image Below .

This Yahoo Axis Browser is Available For Desktop Browsers , IPad and IPhone .

See the Below Video From CNET about the Performance and Action of this Yahoo Axis Browser .

Install :-

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Download Sysinternals Ps Tools Suite With 12 Utilities Softwares

This is the Small Tool kit that helpful to Your Personal Computers and Laptops . This is called Ps Tools Containing 12 Utilities Software included in it . By this Remote Execution of Commands is Possible .We are Giving Free Download for this Ps Tools Suite .Actually this is not a Freeware Software . So Utilize this Software to learn ,View and Execute the Processes Etc .Ps Tool is also called as the Command Line Tool According to Google.

Features :-

The Windows NT and Windows 2000 Resource Kits are Come with a number of command line tools that help you administer your Windows NT/2K systems. Over time, I've grown a collection of similar tools, including some not included in the Resource Kits. What sets these tools apart is that they all allow you to manage remote systems as well as the local one. The first tool in the suite was PsList, a tool that lets you view detailed information about processes, and the suite is continually growing. The "Ps" prefix in PsList relates to the fact that the standard UNIX process listing command-line tool is named "ps", so I've adopted this prefix for all the tools in order to tie them together into a suite of tools named PsTools.

Requirements :-

All of the utilities in the PsTools suite work on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Server 2003 and none of the tools requires any special installation. You don't even need to install any client software on the remote computers at which you target them. Run them by typing their name and any command-line options you want. To show complete usage information, specify the "-?" command-line option.

The Tools Included in the Sysintemals PsTools Suite are: 

The 12 Software Utilities are Included in the Ps Tools Suite .
PsService -  View and control services 
PsSuspend - suspend and resume processes
PsExec - Execute processes remotely
PsList - It Gives the  list detailed information about processes
PsInfo - It Gives the list of  information about a system
PsFile - PsFile  shows files opened remotely
PsLoggedOn - See who's logged on locally and via resource sharing
PsKill - Kill processes by name or process ID 
PsGetSid - It Display the SID of a computer or a user
PsPasswd -  It Changes account passwords 
PsLogList - Dump event log records
PsShutdown - shuts down and optionally reboots a computer .

Free Software Download :-

Download Link :- Ps Tools .

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FUNTAB TABLET & FONETAB TABLET: New Tablets with Android OS and new features

Tablets are everywhere. We know that BSNL, Akash and even Micromax are releasing their Tablets. Now to their completion Go Tech Digital Pvt. Ltd is going to launch two different Android Tablets.

Features of Mobile Phones:

Following the same principle of Less cost more features, Go Digital Pvt. Ltd features:
Funtab Fusion Tablet
with 7inches touch screen (resistive) providing 16:9 resolution.
Its OS is Android 2.2 Froyo and this tablet has 800 MHz processor with single core to operate at a good speed.
This Tablet comes with 256MB of RAM and 2 GB internal memory and can be extended up to   32 GB.
This Tablet has VGA Front facing camera and we can connect internet through Wi Fi Though there is no sim card for it.
This funtab fusion Tablet has 3G external dongle and output through external USB port.

It also has 3.5mm audio jack which supports headphones and can play different formats of audio.
The main advantage of this Tablet is its low price i.e, 3999/-.

Fonetab Tablet.
Fonetab is a twin brother to Funtab Tablet but with little more new features.
It has the same display of 7inches and process or 800 Mhz but with a different Android version which is Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. 
RAM and internal memory are little bit more to Fonetab rather than Funtab because it has 512RAM and 4 GB internal memory with a sim card slot which helps in using sims to make calls.
Same as Funtab, it also comes with Wi Fi to access internet,  and an USB port along with mini USB port 2.0 and also 3.5mm audio jack which supports different audio formats.

It comes with 3600mAh battery and VGA front camera.

But its price is double the Funtab as it has little more features i.e, 6999/-

These two new tablets are another option for the customers who want to buy tablets for less cost. I am really in confusion to decide on which one to take in many of the recent tablets.
Have u people decided on it yet?

Rumours on Apple iPhone 5 : release date, design and its features

There are lots of rumors around Apple iPhone 5. I don’t know whether it is really going to launch or not, but I heard many number of rumors regarding its design and features.
Design and Features
 Apple IPhones never chanded the desing of the display. Now, Apple iPhone 5  is rumored to have 4inch screen and the screen resolution will be nearer to 16:9 ratio and an additional button to the display may be given.
 Apple iPhone 5 is expected to be release in June 2012 as if for now. Of course, these kinds of rumors keep coming until its release. It is said to use quad core processor in this new iPhone 5. It is also rumored that the back case will be made up of some new kind of a LiquidMetal.
A new technology named Near Field Communication technology (NFC) is going to be used in this Apple iPhone5. This new technology is going to be used for money transactions and payments to near by networks.  
Even there are rumors that the Apple iPhone 5 is going to be called as the New Apple iPhone.
Whether the rumors are true or not? Apple iPhone 5 is going to be a sensation in the future.

Mobile Balance Transfer Tricks For All Operators

Mobile Balance Transfer Tricks For All Operators

Some times we are in emergency of balance in opur mobile due to the several reasons.... Don't bother about whether you have money or not here is in this post you will be knowing how to transfer your friends/others balance to your mobile.[We dont encourage bad practices only do this when you are in need]

Mobile Balance Transfer Tricks For All Operators

We are providing trick for various mobile operators like Airtel, Aircel,Vodafone,Bsnl,Idea,Uninor, Tata docomo.

Here are the Tricks to transfer Balance for various operators:

1.)Bsnl balance Transfer Trick

2.)Vodafone mobile balance transfer Trick

3.)Tatadocomo Mobile balance transfer trick

4.)Uninor balance transfer trick

5.)Idea balance transfer trick

6.)Aircel balance transfer trick

Samsung Galaxy S3 release date and details

Samsung Galaxy 3 is the new mobile which is going to launch on the first of the June in U.S and it also released in few countries by now. It is the most ordered Android smartphone recently crossing Apple iPhone 4S.

 Its slim design is very attractive and it comes in pebble blue and marble white colors. Its memory extended up to 64 GB helps in mass storage of the things we want to.
Its 8MP camera with smile detection and face detection is bit more advanced feature and we can capture the image and also can record a High Definition video simultaneously.
It comes with Android OS. V4. 0.4 And its browser supports both Html and Adobe Flash. It contains all type of players and video , image and document editors. Along with Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail and so on…And the main thing is it supports all the networks i.e, 2G, 3G and also 4G in some regions. Isn’t this attractive? This is why online users ordered Samsung Galaxy 3 in vast number defeating Apple iPhone 4S

Hacking apps| Free hacking tutor app for android

Hackers Handbook -
Hackers with Android devices now its time to update your mobiles with a great app which is useful for you to get all the Hacking updates directly on your mobile device.Google Play (Android Market ) has a new handbook reference app for Hackers named Hackers Handbook (The Black Hatter) which is a available for free and also paid versions.

CATEGORY: Books and reference
SIZE: 652k
INSTALLS: 1,000 - 5,000
RATING:3.0( 96)
Price: $690.46 INSTALL

3 stars - "Best  App you could purchase" by Jammie, Written on
Best app you could purchase. It's fulled with information any computer savvy person would need to know mixed in with a few other little goodies that you could use at your own risk that is but its perfect for anyone who what's to be safe and protected or to mess with friends that's your choice but its a great app buy it!...BUY IT NOW!!!!

 Highlights of this app:

  • Through this you can get hacking tutorials and latest hacking tricks.

  • Provides step-by-step hacking tutorials.

  • You can crack Emails ,Facebook.

  • You can also get knowledge about how to crack WIFI.

Screenshots of  Hackers Handbook App:

  • YOUR LOCATION. COARSE (NETWORK-BASED) LOCATION Access coarse location sources such as the cellular network database to determine an approximate device location, where available. 
  • Malicious applications can use this to determine approximately where you are.  
  • NETWORK COMMUNICATION FULL INTERNET ACCESS Allows an application to create network sockets. 
  • PHONE CALLS READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY Allows the application to access the phone features of the device. 
  • An application with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to and the like.

Download Links:

+ Click here for Paid Version

+Click here for Free version

Vodafone Free GPRS Trick and Hack May & June ( UPDATED )

Hi , Iam Back with the New Updated Vodafone Gprs hack for May and June .In this post we get the Two Updated Tricks of Vodafone Gprs .

Refer also :-

Follow the  Steps below :- 

Trick 1 :-

Account Details :-

Account Name :- Vodafone_gprs
Homepage :- Or
User Name :- (not needed)
Password :- (no needed)

Access Point Settings :

Proxy:- Enabled
Proxy Address :-
Proxy Port :- 9401 Or 8799
Data Bearer :- Packet Data

Bearer Settings :

Packet Data Access Point :- portalnmms
Network type :- IPV4
Authentication :- normal
User Name :- (not needed)
Password :- (not needed)

Trick 2  Updated (23 April 2012 ) :-

This is the Updated Trick in the Month of April .

Create  New Settings :-

Account Name:- Mobiletrick

Port:- 9401 Or 8799

Apn:- portalnmms

Note :-

Try these Two Tricks at Low Balance .
Keep Watching For More Tricks .Thank You For Visiting .

New Leica i9 Camera

Leica i9 camera is a combination of Apple iPhone 4 smartphone and a Leica camera.  This camera is specifically made for unparalleled processing and sharing possibilities of Apple iPhone 4. It is the only camera that also works as an Apple iPhone 4 case.  The main purpose of this camera is to shoot and share pictures and videos anytime and anywhere the photographer wants.
Leica i9 is made in such a way that, the ultra compact body can also be used as rugged protective case for Apple iPhone4.  This combines the features of Leica and Apple i.e.  Leica’s 12.1 megapixel point and shoot camera with  CMOS image sensor, professional lens with 8x optical zoom combined with Apple’s retina display, multi-touch interface, extended storage capacity and mobile wireless connectivity. It also shares independent batteries for extended operations.

Features of Leica i9 camera:

1.       The Leica i9 camera has independent camera body which does not depend upon Apple iPhone 4 processor.  
2.       It has 8x Compact optical zoom lens with many focal lengths in a compact body.
3.       Leica uses Rangefinder concept which helps in prolonged and uninterrupted shooting.
4.       The ultra compact body protects Apple iPhone 4 case in a rugged and stylish case.
5.       It ensures the came with upgradable features with the next generation Apple iPhones.
6.       Lieca i9 takes full advantage of Apple iPhone ‘s superior Retina Touch screen display with traditional 35mm film.
7.       The cost ranges from $900 to $1200.

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